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On the schools/teams roster, what do the Payor, Location, Home, and Visitor check boxes mean and how do I change them?

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Last updated: 17 Nov, 2017
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By default, a school/team entry is a payor, a home team, a visiting team, and a location. You can, however, define which lists a given school will appear in.

A school will only show up in the defined fields when entering games. In order to make the game entry more efficient, you should deselect the options that are not relevant. If you leave only "Location" selected, that entry will only be a selected item in the location field. It will not appear as a possible home/visiting team or as a payor. If you deselect all options, it will remain in the roster but will not be selectable in any of the matching fields on the game entry page (You can also "hide" a school").

To change the category of a school, you have two options:

1.      To edit all of them (or just several) at once, go to "Directories" -> "Schools." Then click on "QuickLinks" (red box in the upper left area of the page). Select "Manage Categories." This will give you a long list of schools with checkboxes for the 4 different types of lists. Make your changes and click Update.

2.      Alternately, to edit just a few, go to "Directories"-> "Schools/Teams." Search for the school of interest. Click its checkbox and "edit" that school to set the desired school type.

Upon returning to a game entry page, the lists should now reflect the selections made.

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