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What happens when a game is edited?

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Last updated: 21 Jun, 2010
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When a game is edited, several things happen:

  • If the game is assigned, and the change potentially affects the official,  the acceptance status of the officials is cleared and a new acceptance is required
    • Examples of things affecting the official are date, time, location, level, etc.
    • An example of things not affecting the official is who is paying for the game
  • If the game is (or was) to take place within the number of days configured by the association (usually 14), the official will be sent an email with the changed items highlighted in red. If it is beyond the configured number of days, no notice is sent
  • If the game date has passed, a notice is sent
  • If previously invoiced, a game will be marked for reanalysis on the next invoice generation that would include the game
  • If school approvals are enabled, the school's response is also reset
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