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How does the availability feature work?

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Last updated: 29 Oct, 2013
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The availability feature allows officials or administrators to enter information about when an official is available to take an assignment.

  • Times relate to game start times, not end times....Enter times based on when you can or can not START an assignment.
  • The colors on the calendar mean the following:
    • Green indicates available
    • Red indicates not available
    • Yellow indicates partialy available
    • Grey indicates that no data has been entered for that date or weekday.

Availability is determined in the following order:

    1. Information for a specific date for a specific organization
    2. Information for a specific date for all organizations
    3. Information for a specific day of the week  for a specific organization
    4. Organization defaults:
      • Organizations have a choice on what to assume if no availability information is entered for any given day or date
        • By default, the assumption is that every official is available unless otherwise specified
        • A few organizations choose to assume that an official is NOT available unless otherwise specified
        • You can determine which is used by your association by viewing your availability calendar under "Schedules" -> "Availability"

Most organizations also make use of RefTown's cross-organization assignment-to-availability blocking....if you have an assignment for organization A, the site can automatically block you for organization B. Each official can specify a priority order between organizations such that a more preferred organizations will always block less preferred organizations but the less prefereed organization will not block the more preferred organization. The priority preferences can also be configured to allow the first organization to enter and publish an assignment to claim the date. Each official will also have the control over how much information regarding their assignments is shared with other organizations.

The date/time at the bottom of each box is the last time that entry was updated.

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