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How does Batch Add Mode work?

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Last updated: 21 Jun, 2010
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Batch Add Mode is extremely useful for entering multiple games that have one or more things in common. It uses previously entered information to pre-fill the entry form. All you need to do is change the items that are different than the previously entered game.

For example, you’ll save a lot of entry time when you are entering a schedule for a school that has 10 varsity games all played at 7:30 p.m. with only the dates and visitors differing. On the first game, you'll enter all the details. If you save the game with the batch mode enabled, the entry form will reappear. Rather than being blank, it will have the first game's info filled out. Just change the date and the visitor and save. Repeat for all games in the list.

A similar approach is beneficial if you're entering a sequence of games that occur at the same location in a short amount of time. In this case, you'll change the time and teams—and any other piece that remains the same.

To exit the mode, uncheck the mode prior to saving the last game or click "Cancel Changes and Close Window."

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