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Direct Deposits and/or PayPal/Venmo Payments from Game Payors (School/Teams)

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Last updated: 01 Apr, 2022
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In some areas, the schools/teams are responsible for making payment to the officials. RefTown offers a service to those organizations for making payments. This process for schools/teams to make payments is practically identical to the process used when officials organizations make payments.

1. A representative of the paying entity (school, district, coach, etc.) processes a select set of games to create an "invoice" (aka, paysheet).

2. The representative will execute payments using either direct deposit (directly to the official's designated checking/savings account) or through PayPal/Venmo.

There is no cost to the official for receiving payment through this method. The paying entity bears all of the costs. 

What does the officiating organization need to do? If you already have the system set up to show game fees...nothing. There will be some options enabled that put reminders to sign up for direct deposit on the officials' home pages. Just leave those enabled so your officials can access the signup. 

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