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Overriding Game Fees (for officials or payors)

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Last updated: 10 Nov, 2021
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Occasionally, it may be necessary to charge/pay an amount different than the norm for a particular game in a way that wouldn't be worth trying reconfigure the system to handle. The system allows you to manage this in two possible ways.

  1. Once an invoice is created, you can navigate into the invoice and edit any line item to be different than calculated. This is easy to do, but you must remember to do it. Sometimes, the situation may occurs weeks prior to when you create the invoices and you're likely to forget.
  2. The best way to handle exceptions is to force an override through the game itself. With this option, you specify, on the games page, that the amounts should be different when the invoice is eventually generated.

To specify an override on a game, click the checkbox for the game, then click .

In the window that opens, you'll generally have 3 sections:

  1. A section affecting the entire game for every one where you can specify "No Payroll". That shuts off all finance functions for that game.
  2. A section to override the fees to be charged to the payor.
  3. A section to override the fees to be payed to the officials.

In the sections to override the fees, you'll be provided boxes to individually override any of the elements related to the fees. Leave a box blank unless you want to force it to be something different than normally calculated.

For all items, you can specify either

  1. A specific amount to be charged (positive or negative, where a positive amount increase the amount paid TO and official for officials or increased the amount owed from a payor)
    • entered as either of these to set it to exactly 45.50
      • =45.50
      • 45.50
  2. A relative adjustment to the dollar amount
    • entered as one of these to increase or decrease the amount by 12.15
      • -10.25
      • +10.25
  3. A relative adjustment as a percentage
    • entered as follows to increase or decrease the amount by 15%
      • -15%
      • +15%

Any amounts entered will be apply the next time the invoice is generated. Changes to these override do NOT change existing invoices.

If you need to make a change to an override after making the invoice, you'll need to do one of a few things. At a minimum, you'll want to refresh or regenerate the invoice(s) affected. If those invoices are published but not paid and you want to update the existing invoice, you need to unpublish the batch first. If the invoice is paid, you just need to generate a new invoice. The new invoice will account for the amount previously plaid when providing the new invoice.

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