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Making sure games are correctly entered so that your officials can get paid by PayPal/Venmo

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Last updated: 26 Aug, 2021
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  1. You must have the RefTown system configured to know how much each official should be paid for each assignment. 
    • Indications that you've met these requirements:
      • The system shows the correct dollar amounts by a person's name.
      • The paysheets function is enabled such that the paysheets show the correct amounts.
        • If the dollar amounts are incorrect, you may need to update the pay scale under Pay -> Officials Fees.
        • If there are not dollar amounts at all, you may need to configure the payment functions.
  2. You must enter the games with the Payor that is enabled to use the PayPal / Payout feature
    • If the game is entered correctly for a school/district that is using this feature, the PayPal / Vemno symbol will appear in the comments for the game.
    • If you do not see this symbol for a game, either the school/district has not signed up for the service or you have not chose the correct Payor for the game.
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