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Custom Roster Fields (Officials New Version)

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Last updated: 27 Apr, 2021
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RefTown offers customizable roster fields. Those fields can be programmed to control who can see the information, who can edit the information, and whether the field has any bearing on assignments.

To configure the fields:

  1. Go to Admin -> Configuration
  2. Under OFFICIALS DIRECTORY, click on Custom Fields (right column)
  3. In the top right corner, click "Configure"
  4. Click 
  5. In the form that appears, enter:
    • The field name (required)
    • The field type (required)
      • Checkbox, Number, Date, or Text
    • Optionally, Enter
      • A Category (a folder if previously configured) if you want to organization many fields in to groups
      • How many times the field can be entered for a person
      • Who can see the field
      • Whether the field will be show on the directory by default (vs. on demand)
      • Whether the official can edit his/her own information for this field
      • Whether the field must be set for the official to be assignable
        • A threshold if the field is a number
        • A date if the field is a date.
  6. Click Update

There are several ways to Access or Enter Data:

  1. From the Officials Directory under Quick Links -> Edit All Officials -> Additional Info.
  2. From the Officials Directory, click the "More" menu for a specific official, then choose Additional Info
  3. From Admin -> Configuration, under OFFICIALS, click on "Custom Fields"

From a listing of all of the fields, click on either the field name or the Record Count to see a listing of all who have info for that field. From there you can search for entries based on several criteral or add or delete more entries for that field.

From a listing of all fields for a single official, click on the value column to add a new value or edit an existing value for that person.

This data can also be viewed on the main officials directory and exported/imported along with the directory.

To show certain data

  1. Expand the "Official Search" form.
  2. In the bottom right of the search form, click "Additional Info" to select one or more fields to display
  3. Click Search.

The selected fields will be show in a new column for each official. If the field is not listed for an official, no value has been set for that official.

Additional Usage Tips

  • Once the field has been displayed on the directory, an export of the directory will also include the info.
  • Once the field has been displayed on the directory, you can re-open the search form to access additional function that allow you to further filter the directory based on the additional info.
  • Once the field has been displayed on the directory and you have used the filtering functionality, you can then use the quick access buttons (the symbols in the column header for the names column) to email the displayed list of officials, the games assigned to the listed officials, or the game statistics for the listed officials.

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