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Entering Partial Payments for School/Team Invoices

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Last updated: 03 Jan, 2021
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You can now record partial payments to be applied to school/team invoices.

To do so,

  1. Locate the invoice for which you have received a partial payment.
  2. Click 
  3. Enter apayment date
  4. Enter a payment method
  5. Enter a check/payment # (or comments)
  6. Enter an amount.
  7. Click "Update This Item"

Any amount entered here will be deduced from the remaining balance due only. It will not change the overall invoice totals. They will remain unchanged in order to reflect the correct amounts billed regardless of whether the invoice has been paid or not paid.

You can enter multiple partial payments.

NOTE: The overall invoice will only show in the "Paid" reports when the general payment status is marked as paid, even though the balance remaining may be $0.00.

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