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How do a find specific games?

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Last updated: 26 Apr, 2018
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There are several ways to locate games/matches.

The primary way to access games is through the Schedules - > Games/Matches page search form ("Search for Games/Matches").

Select the criteria of interest: date(s), schools, levels, leagues, etc. and then click "Search Now."

Make sure to clear any field you do not wish to search on (e.g., your own name is selected by default under the officials field).

Note that once you've searched for a set of criteria, the header of the games page will not only list the criteria searched with, but also will, for most fields, have a "Previous" and "Next" link. You can step a day at a time or a school at a time with these links. 

There are also other ways to locate certain categories of games/matches. Using the QuickLinks at the top of the Games/Matches page, you can access the most commonly used set of searches: today's game, tomorrow's games, etc.

In addition, Assignors and Administrators can access schedules from the rosters. For each school/team on the roster, there may be several links available to take you to games/matches at that location, have that team as the home team, have that team as the away team, or all of the above.

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