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Remote Self Check-In

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Last updated: 24 Feb, 2023
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Remote Self Check-In is a way to verify attendance in remote/teleconference meetings using RefTown's Meeting/Event schedule. In summary, you enable a meeting for Remote Check-In. During the meeting, a present provides a 4-digit code to the attendees to enter into a check-in window on RefTown. That will record the person as present at that moment. The Remote Check-Ins can be done up to 4 times to verify continued attendance for longer meetings.


  1. Go Schedules -> Meetings/Events

  2. Click the + to add a new meeting or select an existing meeting and click the edit button.

  3. Set up the meeting details (date, time, etc.) as desired

  4. Under the “Remote Self Check-In” section

    1. Click the enable box

    2. Enter a number of minutes that you want to have the check-in window open (perhaps 5 minutes, maybe 10)

      • If you plan to do multiple check-ins, enter the minimum number you are going to require for an official to be counted as present.For example, you might plan to do 3 but count someone as present if they’re present for at least

      • This has no effect until after the meeting when you process the attendance….you can change it later.

    3. You can pre-enter codes for each check-in if you want or you can let the system create them for you on the fly.

    4. You can pre-enter check-in start times if you want or you can open the Check-In’s on-demand.

      • We recommend on-demand so that you can coordinate the distribution of the Check-In code with when you’re actually ready to do it in case you’re ahead or behind schedule.

  5. Click Update


  1. If not pre-configured, an administrator clicks a button that says “Get Code”.

    • That will give the administrator a 4 digit code.

  2. An Administrator, on the teleconference, tells those in attendance the 4 digit code.

    • This can be done either verbally or perhaps putting it on screen in any number of ways so everyone can see it.

  3. If not configured to open at a pre-set time, an administrator,  clicks a button that says “Open Check-In”. That makes the check-in available to the officials.

    • If you have pre-set a start time but want to start it early, you can click the “Open Check-In” button at any time.

  4. Each official logs into RefTown.

    • On the home page will be a button that says “Check-In”.

  5. Each official should enter the provided code to complete the check-in.

    • If the official clicks the check-in button before check-in window closes, the system records their presence for that check-in.

  6. The check-in window closes automatically after the number of minutes specified in the setup.

You can repeat this up to 3 more times throughout the meeting to ensure continued attendance.

You can also copy a link from the meetings/events page for each check-in to be provided to your attendees, perhaps through a chat window such that they can click on the link to check in. If they're already logged into Reftown, it will record their check-in automatically. if they're not logged in, it will ask them for a username and password first.


  1. An administrator returns to the meetings/events page and clicks on the edit attendance button.
  2. The site will tentatively count a person as present if their number of check-ins is at least the minimum configured in the setup.
  3. If you agree with the proposed “Present” status (already checked based on the count), you simply click the “Update Attendance” button.
  • You can manually check or uncheck some if you wish.
  • You can return to the attendance later to make updates if needed.
  • You can export the attendance data to Excel to do what every you want with it.
  • Officials can see their attendance status for each meeting.
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