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Custom Roster Fields (Schools or Officials Old Version)

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Last updated: 27 Apr, 2021
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NOTE: The "Officials" version of this feature is deprecated. The Schools/Team version is still availableExisting users may still make use of it but it will be removed at some future date. Those who have never used this function will not have access to it. A replacement function exists allowing unlimited numbers of custom fields with greater configuration options.

RefTown offers several customizable roster fields. Those fields can be programmed to control who can see the information and who can edit the information, and whether the field has any bearing on assignments.

Currently, we offer 5 each of the following types of fields (Dates, Yes/No Checkboxes, Numerical, and General Text). These custom fields are available for both officials and for schools/teams.

To enable one or more of these fields,

  1. Go to Admin -> Configuration.
  2. Click on Custom Fields, Individual Options (under the appropriate section, Schools/Teams or Officials)
    1. In this section
      1. give the field a name
      2. define whether the official can see or edit the information stored in this field
      3. define how it affects assigning, if needed.
  3. Go to Admin -> Configuration
  4. Click on Custom Fields, Directory Display Options 
    1. In this section
      1. Define who else can see the information
      2. Define whether the information, if it is visible, should be shown on the default roster or  visible only if selected in the search form.
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