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Restoring a Canceled or Postponed Game

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Last updated: 16 Oct, 2016
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In restoring a canceled or postponed game, you must first locate the game. You can do so in one of may ways:

  • From the "Game Management" page, you can find canceled or postponed games within the reports for the various game states.
  • You can also find these games under a game search by checking the "Include Canceled Games" or "Include Postponed Games".

Once you have located the game you wish to restore, you can edit the game entry and deselect the checkbox for Canceled or Postponed.

If postponed, you can simply change the date to the new date and, upon saving, it will be restored to active status.

If canceled, it does not, however, restore any assigned officials.

If you wish to restore a canceled game and the previously assigned officials, you can do so either manually or with an automated function by check the games checkbox and clicking the button: 

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