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Various Roster Functions

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Last updated: 16 Oct, 2016
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When looking at a roster of schools/teams, school/team contacts, or officials, you may find numerous symbols.

Those symbols include

  • Map access ?
    • When clicked, this will give you an option of up to 4 map services you can choose from to map the address: Bing, Mapquest, Google, or Yahoo.
    • If it is for your own address, it will also have a link indicating where Reftown thinks your address is (latitude and longitude) for the purposes of distance calculations.
    • For Administrators, it will also include an link that will indicate how far it is from that accounts' address to all locations (for offiicials addresses) or to all officials (for location addresses).
  • Texting Access 
    • When clicked on a mobile device, will take you to the devices default messaging system
    • When click on a desktop device, will take you to a page within Reftown that will allow you to send a text message to that user by way of an email-to-text gateway.
  • Contact Information Download ?
    • Add the user's information to your contact system
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