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Invoice Reconciliation and Verification Functions

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Last updated: 16 Oct, 2016
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If you use both the official invoice function and the school/team invoice function, you can make use of two features that will aid you in verifying that you have the system configured correctly, have your game fees entered correctly, and that both sides are in general agreement with how much money is being charged/paid.

Fee Comparisons

Under the  Pay Menu, click on “Fee Comparison”. This will be available and useful if the same terms  (aside from Duty) are used to calculate invoice amounts for both officials and schools/teams.

This page will list all currently entered fee combinations in either fee table and compare them with the opposite table.

  • If you see red/missing, that fee is only in one table. You can use the << or >> buttons to copy the fee matching fee to the other table (it accounts for the crew size by either multiplying or dividing the amount depending on which way you’re going).
  • If you see green, the total of game fees from both sides match.
  • If you see yellow on both sides, the amounts don’t match. In some cases, this may be correct.
    • From there you can either copy from the correct side to the other or use the <-> button to edit that entry.

Invoice Reconciliation

Under the Pay Menu, click on "Invoices Reconciliation".

This page will compare, on a game-by-game basis, the total amount of money charged to a school/team with the total amount of money paid to officials. It compares only the base game fee as well as the travel fee. This can be a great way to ensure all of your financial transactions match. This report can be filtered based on various game details.

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