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Login Options: Remember Me & Keep Me Logged In

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Last updated: 17 Nov, 2021
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"Keep me Logged In":

When returning to the site after being away, the "Keep me Logged In" feature only provides basic official-level or school/team level access. It does not enable administrative or assignor access or any other elevated permissions level. A user with access to anything more than basic permissions will still be logged in (partially), but only with the same permissions as any other official. The primary reason for that is security.

As a result, the "Keep me Logged In" is more of a benefit for officials than assignors. It can, however, be of some benefit to assignors. You can look up names on the roster and such without full access.

For access to some functions, even basic level users will need to provide their password to proceed. For example, any profile edits will require a password-based login.

An indication that you've used the "Keep me Logged In" option is the yellow triangle by your name in the top right:

If you see that yellow triangle and wish to enable any extra permissions you may have, click on it, then click "Full Login" in order to provider your password.

"Remember Me":

This will cause your browser to remember your username but not your password. Other features from your browser may remember your password for you.

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