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Using the Paysheet System

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Last updated: 26 Apr, 2018
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Once enabled, you’ll see some new icons on the game schedule.

  1. There will be an icon for each game in the upper right corner of the officials’ box that looks like this:
    1. This icon will only appear on games which the user (official or payor) has permissions to access the paysheet.
    2. Clicking that will show the paysheet for that individual game
  2. The same icon will also appear in the top of that column. Clicking that icon will take you to a single pay sheet for all games listed on the current page.
    1. Again, it will only show paysheets for which the user has permissions.

The paysheet page will show the game details followed by the officials assigned along with their details as set on the paysheet configuration page.

On the paysheet page will be several buttons at the top of the page that will lead to various export options and to a “printable” version of the page…a much cleaner view without the menus, buttons, and most of the links that appear on the regular view of the page.

If the paysheet includes more than one game, there will be a summary section at the bottom of the listings that summarizes the total amounts to be paid to each official from each payor represented on the paysheet page.

When a paysheet page with multiple games is printed, each game will appear on a new page and the summary section for each payor will be on a new page.

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