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Configuring Reftown for the TASO Ring + Portal Mileage System

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Last updated: 13 Jan, 2021
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There are several steps to getting this right, but it is a onetime configuration:

  • Main Finance Enable
    1. Go to Admin -> Configuration -- Finances
    2. Click on Main Enable
    3. Check "Enable Official's Financial Features"
    4. Click Update

  • General Fee Amount Setup
    1. Go to Admin -> Configuration -- Finances
    2. Click on Fee Calculation Options
    3. Check the boxes for the elements that will affect how much is to paid for a game...usually just 2-4 items, perhaps as few as 1 in some cases.
    4. Click Update

  • General Travel Enable
    1. Go to Admin -> Configuration -- Finances
    2. Click on Travel Options
    3. For "Travel Mode" choose "Single-Base" Mileage Table
    4. Click Update

  • General Fee have the fees shown on the game schedule for each reference
    1. Go to Admin -> Configuration -- Finances
    2. In the Miscellaneous section at the bottom, click on Game Schedule Fee Display
    3. Set the options as follows:
    4. Click Update

  • Specific Mileage tell the system how to calculate mileage
    1. Go to Admin -> Configuration -- Finances
    2. Click on Adjustment & Travel Recipes
    3. Click the button.
    4. Complete this option page as shown in this screenshot
      • the name can be whatever you want it to be.
      • Take note to set the mileage rate mode correctly

  • Per Site tell the system which sites fall within which mileage ranges.
    1. Go to Pay -> Distance Chart
    2. Click the "Edit" button in the top right
    3. Put in each box, the distance to each location
      • Precise distances may be best for long term flexibility should the ranges ever change but you can put any number up to 30 for those within the 30-mile ring, any number above 30 and up to 40 for those in the 40-mile ring, and any number above 40 for those outside the 40-mile ring.
    4. Click Update

  • Game Fees
    1. You can pre-enter you game fees.
      • Go to Pay -> Officials Fees
      • Click the button.
      • Select the all the attributes for type of game you are adding
      • Enter the game fee amount, per person.
      • Select the Mileage Recipe you created above.
        • If this is not selected with the fee, no mileage will be paid relating to that entry.       
      • Click Update
    2. Or, you can review your schedule to view what fees are present or not present. For those indicating "Missing Fee".
  1. Click the on the game with the missing fee.
  2. A small window will open with the game attributes pre-filled.
  3. Add the game fee for that game type.
  4. Select the mileage recipe created above.
  5. Click Update.

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