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Last updated: 03 Mar, 2015
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 In addition to RefTown primary (game and game assignment) function and secondary (general information functions), we also provide a variety of other features and services.

  • Consulting and Advising
    • When requested, we can often provide direction and advice in many areas of organization management and operations beyond the immediate use of RefTown.
    • We can assist with some data entry and managment issues
  • Customizable email distribution groups
    • Create a list of people that are frequently addressed in the email system
  • Allow officials to communicate with each other through RefTown
    • You can limit how many people they can email at once to prevent misuse
  • Site Archives
    • RefTown allows organizations to create copies of their site that are frozen in time.
    • Usually executed in the off-season
    • Breaks all dependencies between the current system configuration and prior season's content.
    • Keeps old information accessible but out of the way
  • Customizable content to create a semi-custom website.
    • Available in two places
      • On each regular page, organizations can add areas of fully custom content
      • Customers can add entirely custom pages
    • Fully customizable with a full-featured What-You-See-is-What-You-Get editor.
      • Freely format content with various fonts, colors, tables, etc.
      • Include images, videos, links, etc.
    • Control which groups of people see which content or even disable content as needed
  • Permissions Control

    • Reftown provides approximately 20 different permissions categories to allow organizations to designate various partial administrator right to various members
  • Persistent login
    • Reftown provides a secure persistent login function that grants officials and schools/teams immediate access to the site without logging in.
    • This function doesn't allow access to sensitive information without first providing a password
    • The system using a rolling code type system such that prevent reuse of the automatic login credentials for subsequent accesses. On each use, the site provides the user's browser with a new set of credentials to be used for the next access.
  • Security
    • RefTown utilizes state of the are security measures to ensure your data remains safe
      • All passwords are encrypted using an algorithm that even prevents someone with direct access to the internals of the system from viewing your passwords
      • All sensitive information (SSN's, Birthdates, Banking Information, etc.) is encrypted using state of the art encryption algorithms.
      • After a small number of failed login attempts to an account, the account is locked for a period of time to prevent hackers from attempting to guess a person's password
  • Service Reliability
    • We employ redundant hardware and internet connection strategies to ensure maximum access to our systems including robust power backup systems that can ensure access in the event of most foreseeable situations
    • We implement very extensive rotating backup strategies with partial backups throughout the day along with nightly and weekly backups with varying lengths of retention as well as offsite storage of nightly backups.

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