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Last updated: 02 Mar, 2015
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  •  Game/Assignment-based Invoice generation for officials and schools/teams.
    • Selectively generate invoices from schedules based on game characteristics for as few or as many as desired
    • Tracks changes to games creating necessary credits/offsets from previously invoiced amounts to current amount
    • Support for multiple game-based fee adjustments
      • Either flat rate or percentage based
      • Either add or subtract amounts
      • Independently programmable for different types of games
    • Multiple travel payment options
      • Flat rate
      • Per-mile rates
        • Minimums
        • Maximums
        • Multiple rate ranges
        • Roundtrip or One-way
      • First game only or per game
      • From a common base locations or from multiple base locations (for officials in different regions)
      • Split travel payments across crew members in programmable percentages
  • Customizable Invoice Categories
    • Enter custom invoice items using a set of programmable categories.
      • Each optionally includable as part of 1099 eligible income
    • Usable for multiple things such as:
      • Dues
      • Equipment
      • Scholarships
      • Fundraisers
      • Government Adjustments such as garnishments
      • Pay advances
      • and more
  • Payment Options
    • Ability to pay officials by true direct deposits executed within 1-2 business days
    • Ability collect payments from officials through PayPal for dues or other fees
  • General Invoice Features
    • Customized invoice content to communicate related information to officials/schools/teams.
    • Track payment status of invoices, either generically or with specific details (method, dates, check numbers, etc.)
    • Communication of invoices to officials/schools/teams by email
    • Printable invoices 
  • 1099 Generation and Distribution
    • Generation of 1099s based on customer selectable thresholds to match various state requirements
    • Electronic distribution of 1099s to officials based on current IRS regulations (encrypted and password protected using official's SSN or TIN).
    • Electronic filing with the IRS and most states
  • Other Functions
    • Tools to reconcile amounts collected from schools/teams and amounts paid to officials on a per-game basis.
    • Tools to compare school/team and officials pay scales
    • Export to QuickBooks for both officials and schools/teams
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