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Last updated: 03 Mar, 2015
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  • Game & Assignment Entry with extensive management and communication features
    • Highly customizable game entry options
      • Program you own lists of sports, leagues, levels, and types of games.
      • Program custom crewtypes or duties for special situations
      • Program locations in custom zones
      • Ability to enter multiple-game sets or to link multiple games together for simultaneous assigning.
    • Multiple Data Entry Modes
      • Direct Game-by-Game Entry
      • Assisted Direct Game Entry to accelerate multiple game entries.
      • Spreadsheet-based game import
      • Spreadsheet-based game export supporting re-importing for mass updates
      • Schools/Teams can be enabled to enter games directly into a "requested games" list where an assignor can approve the games to be moved to the official schedule or reject the request.
        • Notices can optionally be sent to the requesting school/team when action is taken
      • Schools/Teams can be enabled to request changes to existing games directly in the system. Such request are placed in the "requested games" list pending approval.
        • Notices can optionally be sent to the requesting school/team when action is taken
    • Game Management Dashboard for Assigners
      • Numeric and Statistical View of Game and Assignment Details
        • Analyze the status of game and assignment details across multiple categories to ensure
          • Game details are entered correctly
            • Includes communication options with both schools/teams and officials
          • Assignments are covered as desired
          • Officials are used as desired
            • Reports on multiple assignment criteria
              • Assignment counts based on selectable criteria
              • Repeats assignments with teams
              • Repeats assignments with partners
              • Average response time to assignments
  • Multiple Game Assignment Tools
    • The system manages, based on your customized setup, the officials eligible for assigning to any game.
      • Considers
        • Availability
        • Sport specific qualifications
        • Duty specific qualifications
        • Location/Distance
        • Skill level (ratings)
        • Scratches (including team, location, or partner based or several broad categories)
      • Provides information about each official's assignment history with each of the teams involved in the game while making the assignments
    • Automatic assignor that considers all the same criteria of the manual assignment mode
      • Includes controls over several assignment considerations that allow tuning the auto-assignor to provide more desirable results.
    • Option to post specific games for self-assignment by officials
      • Only presents games to officials qualified for those games
      • Alternate mode to allow officials to request the games pending the assigners selection from among those requesting the assignment
      • Ability to block specific officials from access to self-assignment positions
      • Ability to grant specific officials complete access to select from all self-assignment positions
    • Tools to manage assignment responses on behalf of officials
    • Designate officials into pre-determined crews for group assigning
  • Extensive Availability options
    • Fully integrated with scheduling functions
    • Officials have multiple ways to enter information
      • Repeating Day-of-Week entries
      • Date specific for single organizations
      • Date specific for all organizations
    • Information can be very specific or very general
      • Block entire days 
      • Block specific ranges of times
      • Block all but specific times
      • Add comments related to blocks
    • Official selectable automatic availability blocks for assignments in other organizations
    • Officials can designate a maximum number of days to be assigned over a period of time
    • Officials can designate a minimum number of days between games
    • Officials can designate multiple starting points to be used for driving distances depending on time of day
    • Multiple assignor accessible reports on availability
      • View individual officials calendars
      • View single day summaries with varying levels of detail
      • View several multi-day summaries
      • Export most reports to Excel for additional sorting and filtering
  • Communication Tools
    • Email and, optionally, text message announcements of assignment changes
    • Customizable reminder system for schools/teams and/or officials
    • Automatic synchronization "my games" with Outlook, Google Android, or Apple iPhone and other ICS-based calendar programs
    • Automatic synchronization of "my games" with Outlook, Google Android, or Apple iPhone and other ICS-based calendar programs
    • Automatic synchronization of all upcoming games (for assignors) with Outlook, Google Android, or Apple iPhone and other ICS-based calendar programs
    • Manually exportable any list of games for import into Outlook
  • Game View Options
    • Extensive search form options to allow location of games by almost any criteria
    • Several pre-programmed searches for quick and easy access
    • Multiple layout options with customizable levels of content
      • Lists
      • Grids
        • Calendar-based
        • School/Team vs Date
        • Official vs Date
    • Multiple sort options
    • Highly integrated navigation to related information
  • Evaluation Management Tools
    • Designated evaluation/observation manager can schedule evaluators/observers to a game in much the same manner as officials are assigned
    • Evaluation management personnel can generate cross-referenced report of designated evaluators and target officials to determine when and if any of them are assigned games at the same location on the same date.

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