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Transferring Invoice Information from the archives or other sources to be used for 1099 generation

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Last updated: 08 Jan, 2014
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 If some of your financial data is either in a RefTown archive or is in some other form, you can bring it into RefTown to be included in the official's 1099.

If it is in the archives, you will first need to transistion to viewing the archives to start (Other -> Site Archives)

Once in the appropriate archive...

  1. Go to Pay -> Officials Invoices
  2. Click the Tax Year that you wish to export


  • NO batch from the archive should exist in the archive and the live system where both have the tax year specified.
    • This will lead to a duplication of amounts if such data is imported into the live system. If you have the same data in the archive and the live system, you should either delete such batches from the live account since they are already archived OR not mark both as part of the tax year being processed. If you wish to remove the tax year indication from the archived batch, contact us for assistance.
  • If you have used miscellaneous custom items in your archived invoices that should not be included in the 1099 totals and you have not set the archived version of your account to exclude them, contact us for assistance.
    • The default settings will include all uncategorized miscellaneous items in the 1099 total and your permissions will not allow you to edit any archived settings or values.
    • Examples of items that should not be included in a 1099 total are dues, equipment purchanse, etc.
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