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How do I approve my school/team schedule?

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Last updated: 26 Apr, 2018
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Go to "Schedules" -> "Games" then take the following steps:

1.      By any game that says "Approve?," click the "Yes" button to confirm that the entry is correct or click "No" button if it is incorrect.

2.      By any game that says "Cancel OK?," click the "OK" button to indicate you are aware that officials will no longer be sent to that event.

3.      By any game that says "Postpone OK?," click the "OK" button to indicate you agree that the game has been postponed and that, until future notice indicating otherwise, this game will not be scheduled to be played.

4.      In the comments box (if enabled), you may provide comments regarding your responses.

5.      Once you have responded to the games, click the "Submit Responses" button at the bottom.

You'll receive an email confirmation of your responses a short time after clicking “Submit.” If enabled, your assignor will receive a copy of the response by email.

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