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Cross-Organization Assignment-Based Availability

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Last updated: 02 Nov, 2018
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 RefTown has a feature where officials can have the system automatically share basic assignment information between organizations so that they do not need to update each organization's availability calendar each time they get an assignment.

The official (and only the official) can, under their profile settings, define a set of priorities between organizations. Administrators and assignors can not see each officials settings in this area and can not change them.

  • When accounts have equal priority, the first to receive an assignment will block the other equal account(s).
  • Accounts with a higher priority (lowest number) will not be blocked by assignments from lower priority accounts.
  • Accounts with a lower priority (highest number) will be blocked when an assignment is received from a higher priority account.
  • If you have assignments from an higher/equal priority account, you'll be considered unavailable to start another assignment:
    • For 150 minutes (2.5 hours) before the start time of the other assignment
    • For 150 minutes (2.5 hours) after the start time of the other assignment
    • Times are extended by 120 minutes for each game in a multiple-game assignment
  • An account that is isolated will not participate in automatic cross-organization blocking in any information will be shared between the isolated account and other accounts.
    • You will need to manually update the availability calendar for the isolated account.
    • You will need to maintain other organizations availability calendars with respect to assignments from the isolated account.
  • Any automatic blocking will be combined with manually entered availability...
    • If you block a day or part of a day, you'll be blocked for the combination of the manual block and the automatic block.
    • If you manually block an entire day, the system will show you as not available and will not show other assignments.
  • NOTE: A person that is an assignor in both organizations will not be restricted by the isolation or priority settings...they will have full visibility into both organizations.


  1. Click on your "Account Menu" (top right with your name)
  2. Click on "Profile..."
  3. Click on "Availability Priority"
  4. Set a Priority for each organization and what kind of information to share from that organization 
  5. Click "Save Changes"


  • Equal priorities allow the first to assign to block the other.
  • Higher priority organizations are not blocked by lower priorities and do not see any assignment information from them.
  • Lower priority organizations are always blocked by higher priority organizations and can see whatever information you choose to reveal.
  • Organizations marked as "isolated" will not participate in this feature.

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