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Transferring Data from RefTown to Quickbooks

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Last updated: 03 May, 2021
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First, your roster may need to be cleaned up a bit...any one who has entered a "Business Name") should be verified....some officials mistakenly put their place of employment there when it is intended to be used when they officiate as a corporation (which is not common).

One Time Setup:

RefTown needs to know the name of the account in QuickBooks that is used to track the amounts due to the officials (vendors).

1.       Admin -> Configuration - Finances, OFFICIALS FINANCES, Advanced Invoice Options

2.       Under QuickBooks Options, enter the name of the Accounts Payable account from QuickBooks. If you haven't changed it to something else in QuickBooks, it should already be set as it needs to be.



Steps to import:

  1. Export Roster from RefTown
    1. Directories -> Officials, QuickLinks -> Import/Export -> Export Roster for QuickBooks
    2. Save this file to a convenient place on your computer
  2. Import Roster to QuickBooks (becomes vendors)
    1. File -> Utilities -> Import -> IIF Files
    2. Locate the file saved above and import it (click Open)
  3. Export Invoice Batch from RefTown
    1. Pay -> Officials Invoices
    2. Click the Batch # you want to export
    3. QuickLinks -> Export -> for Quickbooks (.iif)
    4. Save this file to a convenient place on your computer (each export will be named with the batch number in the name).
  4. Import Transactions to QuickBooks
    1. File -> Utilities -> Import -> IIF Files
    2. Locate the file saved above and import it (click Open)


Repeat steps 1 & 2 as needed whenever you have a change in the roster (new names, changed names, new SSN's etc.)

The roster export/import is based on the official's name. What this means is that you can't have two officials with the same name. If you have such a case, you'll want to make sure to use middle initials or something to distinguish between the two. This is a limitation imposed by QuickBooks using the names for importing.

Repeating 1 & 2 should not create duplicates as long as the names remain the same.

If a person changes from "James" to "Jim", the 2nd roster import will create a new vendor. In QuickBooks, you'll want to merge the two back into one. To do so, in QuickBooks, edit the obsolete name to have the new name. QuickBooks will then recognize that the two are the same and will ask if you want to merge them.


Repeat steps 3 & 4 as many times as necessary, once per batch that you wish to transfer.

If you try to reimport the same batch, it will give  a bunch of error message about duplicate bill numbers. It is using the invoice # from RefTown to uniquely identify each invoice so you shouldn't be able to create duplicate payments for the same invoice.

Once you do the invoice batch export/import, I strongly recommend that you publish the RefTown invoice batch and leave it alone. Any corrections should be done in a new batch. If you don't do that, you'll need to make manual adjustments to what you had imported into QuickBooks.

Once everything is imported into QuickBooks, you can "Pay Bills" (Vendors -> Pay Bills) to start your check writing process. See QuickBooks documentation for more info.


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