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Using the Meeting/Event Calendar

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Last updated: 10 Jul, 2020
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The meeting event calendar can be used to post organization meetings, training, and various events other than games. Information about the item can include date, time, location, and general details.

By default, the meeting/event list will show only recent and future items. All items can also be access through a "Show All Dates" that will appear at the top of the listing.

Attendance can also be recorded with each meeting/event. The following symbols are used for attendance:

 - No data has been entered for this meeting

 - Data entered for this meeting but you were not recorded as present

- Data entered for this meeting and you were recorded as present

The next 3 events (a programmable number) on the calendar will also be listed on the site homepage.

To add a new meeting/event, click the  symbol and enter the desired info then click "Update."

To edit an existing meeting/event, click the checkbox for the desire item, then click the   symbol and changed the desired info then click "Update."

To delete an existing meeting/event, click the checkbox for the desire item, then click the   symbol.


To edit the attendance for an event, you have three options:

  1. Online Update:
    1. Click the checkbox for the desired event
    2. Click the  symbol
      • (instead of 1 and 2, you can also click the number that appears in the "Total Attending" column, which is only visible to administrators or those with permissions to edit the meeting calendar)
    3. Check the officials who also have the option of recording the official as "Excused".
    4. Click Update
  2. Export/import:
    1. Export the meeting details and list of possible attendees
      • (under Quick Links -> Export Attendance)
    2. Edit the spreadsheet placing a 1 in the box for the attending officials.
    3. Save the changes
    4. Click on Quick Links -> Import Attendance
    5. Select the file
    6. Click Import Now
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