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How does the RefTown registration process work?

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Last updated: 22 Jun, 2010
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 The RefTown registration function can be utilized to both register new members to your organization as well as to manage your returning members.

For registrations submitted by someone who is not logged in, the form will be placed into a pending status where an administrator can either reject or approve the registration. When approving the registration, there are two options:

  1. Move the registration  to the roster as a new entry
  2. Update an existing roster entry for an existing officials, school, or school/team contact

If the form is submitted by someone who is already logged in, it will update that person’s roster entry with the information as entered on the registration form and will mark that person’s status as “registered.”

In the off-season, you can clear the "registration" status of your current officials. It does nothing except for clearing that status bit. You can then request that each person log into their account and fill out the registration form—in order to determine who is returning and who is not.

There is an option on the email page to address the email to only those who have not registered—allowing you to communicate with just those who have not yet registered for the new season.

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