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Adding/Updating game fees

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Last updated: 22 Jun, 2010
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There are two basic approaches you can choose from to enter game fees (for either officials or schools/teams):

  1. At the time of invoice generation
  2. Prior to invoice generation

With approach #1, the program analyzes the games being invoiced and will search the database for matching game fees. If no match is found, the system will ask you for the amount and will remember that amount for any future games with the same parameters.

You can also pre-enter your game fees (or update existing game fees) under "Pay" -> "Officials Fees" or "Pay" -> "School/Team Fees." 

  1. To add a new fee:
    • To add a new fee, click the  symbol.
    • To update a single existing fee, click the "edit" link by the fee to be edited
    • To update multiple existing fees, click the "edit all" link at the top of the right column
  2. Enter the game parameters used to define the amounts to be paid/charged
  3. Enter the amount to be paid/charged.
  4. Select and adjustment set (to control any deductions, mileage, etc.)
  5. Click Update

Note that ALL fields except "duty," if enabled, must be filled in.

When you leave the duty field blank, that fee entry will match any duty not otherwise specified in the fee table. This can be useful and will greatly simplify your game fee table when you have most of your crew members paid the same but have an occasion to specify a different amount for one or more members of some of your crews, such as a crew chief.

Normally, game fees are not permitted to be "$0.00." However, this is a configuration override that will allow "$0.00" fees to be entered—use with caution.

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