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Creating custom invoice items

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Last updated: 31 Oct, 2017
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Most invoice items are derived from games and game assignments. However, you may occasionally need to include items on the invoice that are not tied to a specific game.

RefTown supports this in three ways:

  1. Custom Items for Individual Invoices
  2. Custom Items for Multiple Invoices
  3. Custom Items for Multiple Invoices by Excel Import

Entering them is largely the same except for how you get to the entry form.

To add Custom Items for Individual Invoices:

  1. Browse to the specific invoice, and click 
  2. Enter an amount
  3. Enter a description of what the item is for
  4. Optionally, enter a date and category.
  5. Click "Update"

To add Custom Items for Multiple Invoices with the same category & amount:

  1. Click either
    • "Pay" -> "Official's Invoices"
    • "Pay" -> "School/Team Invoices"
  2. Click 
  3. Click "Direct Entry"
  4. Select the batch you want to work with or select "Start a New Batch"
  5. Enter a Date
  6. Enter a Category
    • The list of categories is maintained under Admin -> Configuration, Finances.
  7. Enter an amount(s)
    • This is the only field that is actually required.
  8. Enter Notes if desired (recommended)
  9. Select the officials/schools/teams to invoice.
    • Choose either all officials by sport (if multiple sports are enabled)
    • Choose officials/schools/teams by level.
    • Choose individual officials/schools/team.
  10.  Click "Submit"

To add Custom Items for Multiple Invoices by Excel Import:

  1. Prepare an Excel Spreadsheet to be imported.
    • The spreadsheet must have following columns:
      • RefTown ID, Name, Date, Category, Amount, Comments
    • A template of this spreadsheet can be obtained under Directories -> Officials (or schools/teams), Quick Links -> Import/Export -> Export Roster for Invoice Import
      • This template will include each official/school once with only their RefTown ID and Name.
    • You can include any number of items in this import, including multiple items per official or school.
    • You can include an official (or school/team) more than one time to create multiple line items.
    • Each line in the spreadsheet can use a different category.
    • The official (school/team) is matched by their RefTown ID if it is listed or by Name if no RefTown ID is listed.
  2. Import the spreadsheet:
    1. Click either
      • "Pay" -> "Official's Invoices"
      • "Pay" -> "School/Team Invoices"
    2. Click  
    3. Click Import.
    4. Select the batch you want to work with or select "Start a New Batch"
    5. Click the "Import" link at the top fo the page.
    6. Choose the file to be imported
    7. Click "Upload File Now"


For official invoices:

  • positive amounts increase their pay (e.g., reimbursements, etc.)

  • negative amount reduce their pay (e.g., dues, equipment purchases, etc.).

For schools/teams invoices:

  • positive amounts increase the amount due (e.g., assignment fees, etc.)

  • negative amount reduce the amount due (e.g., discounts/refunds of fees, etc.).

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