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How to Create an Invoice

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Last updated: 15 Jun, 2022
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Assuming the invoice functions are enabled under the configuration options:

  1. Click either
    1. "Pay" -> "Official's Invoices"
    2. "Pay" -> "School/Team Invoices"
  2. Click the  symbol to either start a new batch or add to an existing unpublished batch
  3. Fill out the search form to select the games you need to invoice.
  4. Click "Search Now"
  5. The next page will list all games the system believes need invoicing that match the search criterea in step 4
  6. Select the batch you wish to work with or select "New Batch",'
    • If you choose "New Batch" for officials invoices, you will also have to select a "Tax Year"
  • Each game listed, when working on official's invoices, will list all officials associated with the game.
  • Those prefixed with a "-" and in green are currently on the game and will be paid.
  • Those prefixed with a "+" and in red are no longer on the game and will not be paid.
    • This will not include games marked as "Invoice Current". If you wish to force the system to recalculate the invoices for games it believes are already calculated, you have two options. 
      1. Force Recalculation (Keep Overrides)
        • This will cause the system to ignore its indication that a game has already been paid. It will reanalyze the selected games and will recalculate the amount that should be paid. If the amount is unchanged, it will do nothing. If the amount is different than previously paid, it will re-invoice the game with the new amount with a credit for the previously invoiced amount.
        • If you manually override any invoice amount for the game on a prior invoice, this option will keep those overrides.
      2. Force Recalculation (Ignore Overrides)
        • This does the same as the above step but discards any overridden amounts and will use the calculated amounts.
    • You can also further modify the search criteria if needed.
  1. Once you have the list of games that you wish to invoices, click "Create Officials Invoices" or "Create Schools/Teams Invoices"
    • The program will verify that all of the selected games have all of the information necessary for generating invoices and will ask for any missing data
  2. Once all data is entered, the invoices will be generated
    • The dollar amounts generated will be drawn from the appropriate payscale and will be modified by any modifiers entered on the game/assignment.
    • For any games previously invoiced, one of three things will happen.....
      1. If the game is in an existing unpublished batch, it will be deleted from that batch and a new entry will be created in the current batch.
      2. If the game is in a existing and published batch, and now results in a different amount, the system will create a credit on the new batch to offset the amount(s) in the existing batch and will create a new entry on the current batch reflecting the correct amount.
      3. If the game is in a existing and published batch, and now results in the same amount, the system mark the game/assignment as invoiced and will not add a new item to the current batch.

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