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SETUP: Finance: Adjustments and Mileage

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Last updated: 20 Aug, 2019
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RefTown supports the definition of multiple sets of adjustments and travel options. You can predefine as many variations as needed: different mileage rates, different methods of calculating mileage, different adjustment amounts, etc. Each adjustment set can be use with one or more items on the fee table. In many cases, only one adjustment set needs to be defined. In a few cases no adjustment set needs to be defined.

The adjustment recipes and travel recipes are tied together but are entered on separate screens.


  1. Go to the Association Configuration - Finances screen
  2. Click on Adjustment Recipes
  3. Add a new (or Edit an existing) Adjustment Recipe
    1. Give it a name
    2. Enter an amount for all enabled adjustments (can be zero).
      • Check the percentage box if the number is a percentage, leave it uncheck for a flat rate
      • Enter a "-" if it a deduction
    3. Click Update


  1. Go to the Association Configuration - Finances screen
  2. Click on Travel Recipes
  3. Add a new (or Edit an existing) Travel Recipe
    1. Give it a name, if needed
    2. Enter the mileage calculation details
      1. For each range, enter the point at which distance payments start
        1. The first one is usually 0.
      2. Enter the rate and mode
      3. Repeat for each relevant range.
      4. In the Travel Limits Section, enter how the travel pay may be limited
        • You can have only one travel per set of games if needed
          • If travel is only to be paid once when an official works multiple games at a single site on a single date, check Pay Travel -> Per Date, Per Location
        • If the mileage is doubled to account for round trip payments
        • If you have enabled duty-specify mileage percentages but wish to ignore them for this recipe, select Pay Full Travel Rate Per Duty.
        • If the assignment multiplier should be applied to the mileage, check Apply Multiplier to Travel.
        • Establish any overall minimum or maximum to be used.
          • If there is a maximum mileage that will be paid, enter it under Maximum Mileage Amount
          • If there is a minimum mileage that will be paid, enter it under Minimum Mileage Amount
      5. Select when and how the limits are to be applied
      6. Optionally, enter Meal/Per-Diem amounts.

Additional help can be found by putting your mouse over the .

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