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SETUP: Finances: Basic Configuration

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Last updated: 20 Aug, 2019
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SETUP: Finances - Basic Configuration

The configuration for officials and schools finances are completely separate. However, they work the same in nearly every aspect.

Throughout the configuration of the finance options, you can place your cursor over the question mark symbol () by any option for more information about that option.

STEP 1: Enable the desired feature.

  1. Go to the Association Configuration - Finances screen
  2. Click on the Main Enable under Officials Finances (or School/Team/Payor Finances).
  3. Click Official's Financial Features Mode or (School/Team' Financial Features Mode) and click Update.

For officials finances, you can also enable the game fees to be listed on the game schedule.

STEP 2: Define how the basic game fees are determined.

In this step, you'll be defining the pieces of information that will be used to differentiate the amount to be paid for each type of game. This may include information about the game itself, the crewtype assigned to the game, the duty of the official assigned to the game, and the participants in the game.  Getting this step correct will, for some organizations, require the most thought. It may require changes in how your enter and define games if there is not enough detail in the game data to determine the amount to be paid. Additionally, all fields you select must actually be entered for every game/school/official. (NOTE: The invoice creation process verifies that all games include all necessary fields and provides a method to add any missing information.)

  1. Go to the Association Configuration - Finances screen
  2. Click  Fee Calculation Options Factors
  3. Choose the fields used to determine the pay for officials: often, but not limited to, Game Level and School Level and perhaps CrewType.
    • Example: If you chose school level as a factor in determining pay, all schools that participate in games as the home team must have a school level designated.
    • Example: If you chose game type as a factor in determining pay, all games must have a game type
  4. Click Update

Note: For schools, you need not normally make the assignments to generate the school invoices. In a few situations, you might be finished at this point.

STEP 3: Define and enable adjustment options

Under adjustment options, you can define how the game fees are treated based on the game counts and define up to 3 categories of other adjustments that may depend on the game fee. Examples of this might be a percentage taken from each game as an assignors fee.

The first setting is to enable a per-duty multiplier (not frequently used). This can be used to handle situations where each official on an assignment might perform a different number of events (i.e., volleyball tournaments). The effect of the number entered  is to multiple the game fees by the multiplier. 

The second option defines whether the game count will affect payroll as a multiplier.

Also at this point, you will enable and name any adjustments to be applied to your invoices. An adjustment category is enabled merely by giving it a name. Note that it is not necessary for any specific adjustment be applied to all games. The amount of the adjustment is configured separately and can have different values for different kinds of games.

  1. Go to the Association Configuration - Finances screen
  2. Click Adjustment Options
  3. Optionally, enabled the game count multiplier
  4. Optionally, give one or more adjustments a name
  5. Click Update

STEP 4: Define and enable basic mileage adjustments

In this step, you'll define the basic mileage payment methods. The actual amounts paid can vary based on the criteria defined in step 2 and will be set up later.

  1. Go to the Association Configuration - Finances screen
  2. Click Travel Options
  3. Click Choose the Travel Mode
    • If you pay travel from a single reference point, choose single base mileage table.
    • If you pay travel from more than one reference point, choose a multi-base travel option
    • If you pay travel from the officials home, choose  the distance from home option.
  4. If the amount to be paid to the officials can differ according to their duty, select Enable Different Travel Per Duty
  5. If you need to ability to customize the amount to be paid per official from one game to the next, select Enable Individualized Travel Rates
  6. If you want to enter the actual number of miles driver for each official, select Enable Actual Miles Travel Per Official
  7. Enable the number of different travel levels you need to specify if needed.
  8. Click Update
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