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How do I configure a new or existing ballot/signup/quiz?

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Last updated: 14 Jan, 2021
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  1. From the ballot/signup/quiz page, Click on  to add a new item or  to configure an existing item.
  2. Enter a title, a start date and time, and an end date and time
  3. Select the people who will be participating
    1. All Officials
    2. All Schools/Teams
    3. Officials by level...levels to be selected later
    4. Schools/Teams by level....levels to be selected later
    5. Specific Officials ---to be selected later
    6. Specific Schools/Teams ---to be selected later
  4. Indicate how you want to reveal the results to your members:
    1. When Certified: The results become visible to administrators when the polls close and await approval from an admin before they're visible to the members. (Recommended for ballots)
      1. (You can select ballot administrators specifically for a single ballot).
    2. After Close: The moment the end date and time pass, the results are visible.
    3. Always: The results are live...visible every moment
    4. Private: never revealed reveal them by your own methods
  5. How do you wish to reveal the results to ballot administrators:
    1. After Close: The moment the end date and time pass, the results are visible. (Recommended for ballots)
    2. Always: The results are live...visible every moment
  6. Should a confirmation email be sent to the submitter and should it include the details of the ballot or just that a ballot was submitted?
  7. If desired, enter general notes about the ballot/signup/quiz.
  8. Click "Update This Item"
  9. Preview the Ballot
    • If you configured the ballot to be based on level or for specific official or schools/teams, click on the eligibility type to select the eligible levels.
    • If you wish at add ballot administrators (in addition to your general administrators), click on "Admins (edit)"


      • All configuration options are shown to all members
      • Most of the configuration options disappear (can not be changed) once the ballot is published and the start date/time has passed
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