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How is driving distance calculated?

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Last updated: 02 Nov, 2018
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Driving distance is an approximation based on the address or zip code of the game site and the address or zip code of the official. RefTown converts each person/location's address to latitude and longitude if that can be determined and, if not, uses a database of the latitude and longitude of the center of each zip code to calculate approximate driving distance. The calculation assumes a straight route plus an extra 20% to account for the fact that the roads will not actually be a straight line. 

The game site address and zip code is taken directly from the Schools/Teams roster for the site listed as the location of the game. If no address or zip code is entered for the location, the driving distance will be assumed to be 0”everyone will be eligible to drive to that location no matter the actual distance.

By default, the official's zip code is taken from the official's roster entry. Optionally, each official can specify two alternative zip codes under their "Account" profile. An official can specify two zip codes and a time if they generally transition between the two. Additionally, an official can specify zip codes on their availability calendar to apply to the day/date and window of time being entered on that calendar. This can be used to influence the assignment of games to be near two different places depending on the time of day and on various days. If no zip code is listed for an official, the driving distance will be assumed to be the official will be considered eligible to drive to any location.

An official can update their effective zip codes by:

  1. Click your "Account" menu in the top right.
  2. Click "Profile..."
  3. Click "Assignment Preferences"
  4. Optionally, enter a zip code where you leave from for earlier games.
  5. Enter a time when you leave that zip code
  6. Optionally, enter a zip code where you leave from for later games.
  • In any location where the zip code is left blank, the home location will be used for the relevant date/date/time.

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