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An overview of some of RefTown's features

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Last updated: 02 Mar, 2015
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RefTown will revolutionize the way you do business 

We service multiple organizations of various sizes—from less than 30 to several hundred—across all major sports. Our highly customizable service can be adapted to serve nearly any scheduling need.

RefTown is the most complete and most comprehensive official’s organization management package available 

Our features cover not only game assigning but can also provide a full web presence for your organization. We can be your only web site. 

Our features include a full set of communications options; election, survey, test, and signup functionality; documents archives, payroll calculations, customized interactive forms, and more. 

We are committed to providing reliable, user-friendly functionality with world-class customer support 

RefTown is designed with a highly intuitive and consistent theme and usage model throughout the site. Most functions have rollover pop-ups that guide you through the use of the site, eliminating the need for highly technical documentation.

RefTown is proven reliable and effective

Organizations that use RefTown have reduced their number of assigning errors as a result. In well over 1,000,000 assignments across multiple organizations representing multiple sports, there have been no missed assignments due to an error on the site.

The officials who use the site find many benefits—from easily locating schools to clear and efficient communication of their assignments and other information. 

  RefTown adapts to your needs

If you have features you'd like to see on RefTown, feel free to contact us and request them. We're frequently adding features based on the requests of customers. All new features are available for all customers to use at no additional charge. 

RefTown guarantees you'll be satisfied 

We are so confident that you'll like what we offer that we’ll give you a free, fully functional, no-obligation trial and will not ask for payment until you are satisfied.

When you choose RefTown, you can be confident that it will make big improvements to your organization.


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