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SETUP: Officials Roster - General Options

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Last updated: 10 Jul, 2020
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For the officials roster, you have the following options:

Allow Officials to Upload Their Own Roster Photos

Normally, only administrators or other designated people can add or remove photos on the officials roster. With this option checked, officials are permitted to manage their own roster photo.

Allow Officials to Edit Their Own Sports/Area

If your organization has enabled the use of multiple sports or areas/regions, you can set this option to allow each official to modify his or her own sports/areas.

Enable Officials Duty Qualification

Enable a function where, from the officials roster, an assignor/administrator can label officials as eligible only for certain duties within a crew.

As part of this feature, some duties (under the duty configuration section) can be labeled as "Universal". Doing so makes all officials eligible for that duty automatically without requiring the official to be individually enabled for the duty.

Show Inactive Officials in Roster

Show officials marked "inactive" in the roster. By default, they're not listed but are accessible through search the roster search form.

Enable Test Score Field

Enable the test score field—by default it is hidden for those who have no need to view this field.

Hide Member Levels

Member Levels are only Visible to Administrator, Financial, or Assignor groups. This can be used if you want to use member levels to rate officials rather than a general membership type.

Schools Can See Official Roster Info

Allow all school personnel to view the officials roster with all contact information that is not otherwise marked as unlisted.

Custom Roster Fields

There are 20 roster fields provided for custom use—5 checkboxes, 5 date fields, 5 number fields, and 5 general text fields. Each one can be individually enabled by entering a name for the field on the configuration page.

For each field, you can elect to have it visible to the official, editable by the official, visible on the roster (to all officials), and a requirement for assignments.

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