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Wilson is the official game ball throughout the playoffs. It is mandated by the OSAA to be the REQUIRED game ball. Officials are to inform the OSAA if it is not  being used by teams.

. STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS – ADOPTED BALL (OSAA Handbook, Executive Board Policies) (Fall 2010) The OSAA shall require that the officially adopted ball for that sport be used in all state championship contests, first round through final sites.

A. State Championship Contests at Home Sites. 

a) Procedure.  Officials shall confirm that both teams use the officially adopted ball (Wilson footballs).  If either team uses balls that are not the officially adopted balls, the contest shall be played, and officials shall report the school or schools in violation to the OSAA.

b) Penalty.  A school, which is found to have used a non adopted ball in an OSAA state championship contest, shall be subject to fines, forfeiture and/or other penalties as determined by the OSAA Executive Board.

 In cases where a ball fails to have the NFHS Authenticating Mark, officials do not need to require the school go find another ball before starting the game.  Just record it and let me know and I will follow up with the school.  

Bottom line is play the game and let me know if the stamp is not present…

 Let me know if you have questions.


Brad Garrett, Assistant Executive Director


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