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District 4 COVID Protocols

District 4 is electing to follow directions from OSAA.  They summary outline is:

  • Required!
    • All personnel on the field are required to wear a cloth mask that covers the nose and mouth.  This includes all players, coaches, umpires, and media.
    • Masks must be worn properly.  If they fail to cover the nose and mouth, the mask must be adjusted as soon as play allows.
    • Umpires will not handle baseballs or softballs
      • Teams are required to supply balls while their team is on defense
      • Balls entering the game from the dugout must be sanitized
      • Balls touched by anyone not on the defensive team must be removed from play and sanitized before use
      • Plate umpires should still wear at least one ball bag to carry essential items such as line-ups, brush, indicator, and any other item needed to expedite play
    • Umpires should maintain proper social distancing during conferences with team managers.
    • Teams may extend their dugout prior to the start of the game.  Boundaries must be clearly communicated and/or marked prior to the start of the game.  The extensions cannot be placed behind the plate area (foul line to foul line extended).
    • Teams should not engage in post-game hand shakes.
  • Optional
    • Managers are to remain in foul ball territory during conferences.  If a discussion is requested with the field umpire, that umpire should hustle to the coach and then maintain proper social distancing while having their discussion.

Umpires are not responsible for teams following COVID protocol.  Don't chase issues into the dugout or stands.  Focus on the field.  It is critical that adults not take the fun out of the game for the players.  If compliance to COVID guidelines becomes too difficult to manage then umpires are empowered to leave the game and file a report with the league's board of directors.

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