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All Officials need to register through OSAA Central Hub (https://osaa.arbitersports.com/front/105752/Site)!!!

If you have not registered, now would be a good time.  Your volleyball rule packet will arrive in the mail once you register with Arbiter through the OSAA Central Hub. 

All officials need to complete the registration form in Reftown (go to Public -> Registration).  

Officials & Schools: If you are trying to locate your username and password, please use the "Forgot Password" features. If you are not sure what email address is in the system, please contact Joyce Phillips. Once you enter your email address you will receive an email with your username and password to login to MCVOA Reftown.

Returning Officials - Log into Reftown using your username/password and go to the box at the upper right left "register now".

New Officials - go to Public, Registration - MCVOA and follow the instructions.  You will receive a temporary password when your registration has been accepted into the system - which will enable you to access the site. 

Availability - it is your responsibility to confirm what is listed in your directory and that your availability calendar is accurate.

2018 - 19 Executive Board

President - Tim Clemenson

Vice-President/Trainer - Barbara Harris

Secretary - Tracy McCune

  Commissioner/Treasurer - Joyce Phillips


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