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EMBUA is recruiting those interested in baseball umpiring. We umpire local high school varsity, high school JV and middle school baseball games. Classes are held at Brewer High School and are also live streamed on Thursday nights starting at 6pm for remote viewing. For information on new membership or training classes, contact Troy Lare. his email address is thirdwatchhockey@aol.com


For the following middle schools : Brewer, Bucksport, Cohen (Bangor), Doughty (Bangor), Ellsworth, Leonard (Old Town), Mattanawcook and Reeds Brook (Hampden), EMBUA umpires are reminded that no new inning will begin after 2 hours and 15 minutes from the start of the game.



Meetings & Reminders


SAVE YOUR 2020 BOOKS! NFHS will not be printing new rule books for 2021. 

NEW! Order hats (sole supplier) and shirts/jackets if you like from Gerry Davis Sports

Department of Education Fingerprinting Instructions

 Next meeting, Sunday March 7, 2021 (tentative date). Check back for updates!

Start of baseball season April 2021, depending on decisions by Maine Principals Association about spring sports.

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