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Salem Volleyball Officials Association
2023-24 Board of Directors

President - Gail Winden
Vice-President - Harmik Issakhanian
Treasurer - Matt Jacks
Secretary - Amy Goulter-Allen

Members at Large: 

Robert Walker
Scott Kirchner
Carla Meredith
Annie Dudley

Commissioner - Ron Burkhart



Now accepting registration for the 2023 Volleyball Season

The Volleyball season begins in September and ends the first week of November.  Most matches begin at 5:00, few may start little earlier.  Tuesday and Thursdays are the busiest days.

Association meetings start on Monday nights in August and run through October. Training is provided include on-the-court instruction.

If you are interested in becoming a volleyball official in and around the Salem Oregon area, Go to the Main tab above and select Registration.  Click Official and enter your information.

After your registration has been accepted, you will receive login information so you can login to Reftown. You will begin to receive SVOA communication for upcoming meetings and events.

SVOA supporting student-athletes in the Salem metro area.


Welcome to the SVOA web site

If you are considering becoming a volleyball official we are pleased to welcome you to SVOA.  We service schools in and around Salem at High School and Middle School levels.  No matter your experience level, we welcome you and provide training.  Please click on the link below!

Returning officials, watch your email for reminders about meetings and registration information. 

If you would like more information about SVOA, click here.


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