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As the Commissioner of the Portland Basketball Officials Association I want to thank you for your interest in becoming an official.  You are about to embark on a unique experience.  We feel we are one of the top training associations in the Pacific Northwest.

We provide a service to our member schools and get paid to do it.   This is your opportunity to exercise your mind and body in ways few people can.   Below you will find an enormous amount of information that should answer most of your questions.  I hope you take the next step and join our group.  If you work hard the rewards will be many.

-- Steve Scott, PBOA Commissioner

For more information on joining the PBOA
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  • Stay active and involved with the greatest game
  • Chance for some to “give back”
  • Earn extra income
  • Obtain a unique game perspective
  • Grow personally, socially, and professionally
  • Opportunities to network with various people



All basketball officials in the state of Oregon are assigned through local officials’ associations which are certified and regulated by the state governing body which is known as the Oregon School Activities Association (OSAA). Our local association is the Portland Basketball Officials Association (PBOA).

The PBOA is respected organization with an established structure and has been around since the 1930s.  It is the largest association in the state and serves a total of 70 High School and a large number of Middle Schools. Assigned games may range as far east as Corbett and Welches, as far west as Gaston and Vernonia, and as far south as Wilsonville and Canby with games scheduled late afternoon through evenings most days of the week.  The season typically begins in late November/early December and lasts through mid-March.

The association has approximately 300 members and its activities are governed by an elected board. All games are assigned by the commissioner and all assignments are made at the sole direction of the commissioner.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the PBOA, please contact Commissioner Steve Scott: stevescott@pboa.org or 503-858-4441.


When you join our association, you will enter our comprehensive training program. For people new to officiating, this consists of a minimum of three years of classroom training for the study of rules and mechanics, on court training sessions, officiating actual games, and participation in regular meetings. Classes and meetings are on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday evenings beginning in mid-October.  Classes are held prior to the regular scheduled meetings.  On court training sessions are scheduled for select Sundays throughout the beginning of the season.

Officials with prior experience may not be required to complete the same training program requirements as someone with limited or no experience.  All officials new to the PBOA will be expected to participate in on-court tryouts to determine placement.  In addition contact may be made with other associations or organizations you’ve worked for.

We take pride in our training program to ensure we are developing quality basketball officials.  Numerous past and present college officials of all level have gained part of their expertise through being a part of PBOA. An official is advanced based on their demonstrated ability, rules knowledge, and dedication. Typically our officials successfully complete their training in three years.

In addition to the training program, the PBOA has a mentoring program that pairs veterans with new and less experienced officials.  Many mentor/mentee relationships last throughout one’s career.


PBOA officials are paid for officiating games.  The amount depends on the level (middle school thru 6A Varsity) and is in the range of $30-65 plus per game plus mileage. Your total income from officiating is not only dependent on ability but also upon game availability and your willingness to work games. The need is there. The games are available. The choice is yours. An average starting schedule should net you about $1000. Some first and second year officials have earned as much as $3000 in a season. There are 5 payment periods throughout the season.  All payments are handled by our Treasurer via check or direct deposit.  You are encouraged to sign up for direct deposit.   It is more convenient for you and your money will arrive quicker.

There are some initial expenses required before setting foot on the court, which include your uniform as well as association dues and State registration fees. A general breakdown of the approximate cost for a brand new official is as follows:

  • Striped Shirt ($18-30)
  • Fox40 whistle & lanyard  ($6-10)
  • Black slacks ($25-60)
  • ALL black athletic shoes ($30-200)
  • Black socks ($3-10)
  • Satin “PBOA” Jacket (not required to start) ($60)
  • OSAA registration packet (includes rules book and officials manual) ($60)
  • PBOA dues ($25)


In addition to the time actually spent in training classes and working the games, there are other requirements:

·       Meetings: There are mandatory attendance requirements for classes/training sessions as well as regular meetings for those no longer part of the training program. Failure to adhere to the training and meeting attendance requirements will result in lost assignments and/or difficulty in advancement.

·       Study. You are on your own on your personal study plan, however, keep in mind that your rules and mechanics knowledge are imperative to your success. You need good knowledge for the exam and it is an expectation on the field.

·       Observations-Discussions. You will be invited, so take the time to go to games and watch the officials. Do not look at their calls, but instead, watch their mechanics and notice how they handle the tough situations. Take the time to talk to veterans and listen to their experiences. Most veterans love to share their stories and will welcome your interest and most strive to help improve all officials in our association.


Many new officials believe that if they learn the rules, use proper mechanics, and be honest and objective, they will be appreciated by all. Not so, as occasionally, you will have to endure verbal abuse from players, coaches and fans. The official soon learns that the best rewards come from within, because it is rare to hear someone say, "great job ref".

Being a PBOA Professional means not losing your poise and not posturing to get the last word in, no matter what the provocation. You are expected to respond quickly and accurately in a professional manner to situations never before experienced.


Reasons people officiate are the following:

They gain the self-satisfaction and become proud that they are doing a job many cannot do. Few avocations or professions afford the opportunity for you to be in control of your destiny. Hard work toward obtaining great rules knowledge and proper mechanics, and direct experience gained over time will be directly translated into positive results.

They develop strong friendships with fellow officials which are, on the whole a quality group of dedicated and responsible people. Backgrounds run the full range from corporation officers to the unemployed, but they share a special camaraderie of putting it on the line to do a good job, and do it in a professional manner.

They achieve or maintain a level of physical and mental fitness related to getting the job done.

They are active in a sport they enjoy and have the "best seat in the house".

Armed with the right attitude, it is just plain fun. Many PBOA officials still get the thrill after twenty plus years of officiating.

The money. Not much, but after all, we all can use a few extra bucks.

Thank you for taking the time to inquire about the PBOA. We hope your decision is to join our officiating family. Any further questions about any aspect of officiating can be directed to your Instructors, the Commissioner, or any Executive Board Member. We offer you outstanding support and training. The rest is up to you.

For more information on joining the PBOA
please complete this Information Request Form

To register to become a member of the PBOA
please complete this Registration Form


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